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United States is one of the most popular countries and it has been drawing the attention of foreigners for ages. As the largest economy in the World with the greatest number of opportunities the United States is an incredibly popular immigration destination. However, it is not so easy to immigrate to the United States. There are different ways to immigrate to the USA and the ones looking to immigrate, must be aware of the requirements and the options.
The US processes many millions of immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications for workers, businesspeople, investors, family members, every year. The US visa system is probably the most complex in the World. There are so many different visa options that it is difficult to know which visa may be relevant. Generally to enter the US in the long term you need to have a high level job offer, or start a business or apply as an immigrant relative.
US work visas are broken into two main categories: temporary non-immigrant work visas, and employment based immigrant visas (also known as Green Cards), which grant the holder lawful permanent residence. The US B-1 business visitor visas can be obtained quickly at an US Embassy or Consulate.

  • For businesses wishing to set up in the US this can be done at a low cost under the L-1 intra-company transfer visa or E-2 Treaty Investor Visa or E-1 Treaty Trader visa scheme.
  • To get an investment based Green Card, you need to make a significant investment in a business venture in America. For those looking for permanent residence with at least $500,000 to spend the EB-5 immigrant investor visa scheme is worth considering.
  • Green Card through Self Petition- This is meant for “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” and for people who have been granted National Interest Waivers. Such individuals can petition for themselves and get Green Cards.
  • Permanent resident status through special categories of jobs- there are certain specialized jobs and if you manage to get one such job in America, you can get a US Green Card.

Probash Consultant is a full service immigration consulting firm, has taken pride in providing first-class representation for its clients intends to immigrant to USA. Over the years our highly experienced team prided ourselves on providing sound, cost-effective, caring, professional, and timely service to our clients. We know it can be difficult to know all types of visas along with all the required steps to obtain one, we want to help you to simplify the process.